Acceleration Program

Venture Acceleration Program

This program is for entrepreneurs who want to access to my coaching on a regular basis, a bit like a fractional Board of Directors.

The problem
You might attend an event and hear a great talk, have a stimulating conversation with a mentor/advisor, or even attend a multi-day bootcamp – but the problem is always: “How do I implement this in my startup?”, “Am I implementing this correctly?” and even “Is this what I should really be focused on at this point in time? Is this the key priority?”

The solution
In the Venture Acceleration Program we work together to do three things

  1. Do a quick assessment of your company to identify gaps and priorities
  2. Create a detailed action plan to address them
  3. Work together as you implement it, providing you advice and useful resources

The action plans we do typically take 6-12 months to execute as we work to address the most important topics for your company. Depending on your availability and focus, we can work through the plan either in monthly or bi-weekly calls for a more intensive approach.

In addition to the 1:1 sessions, as part of the program you get valuable contents and 7×24 access to online resources and the ability to ask questions, get support and meet other founders that are also in the development process.

Unlike other alternatives where you don’t know who you are going to be working with, this program is run personally by me. This is why I only work with a small number of companies at the same time and I reserve the right to accept or reject your application into the program.

Get started

… by filling out the ‘Contact’ form so we can talk more about it – I look forward to working with you!