Should I found a startup

Founders’ Workshop

This lab is scheduled over two Friday afternoons, and it is intended to help you achieve three things:

  1. Decide if you should launch a startup and how to launch it
  2. Quickly test your idea to see if it is worth pursuing
  3. Create an action plan that increases your chances of success

The problem
Deciding to found a startup is not an easy decision. It is exciting but it is also one that is frequently followed by failure. You probably know that about 90% of all new startups fail in the first twelve months. What you might not know, though, is that in many cases the reasons for this failure are due to preventable mistakes that could have been avoided – or their impact substantially minimized.

So you read a book. Go to an event. Listen to the sage advice of an entrepreneur who agrees to meet for a few minutes with you. And then you go home and are still left with many, many questions.

The solution
The reason I put together this workshop is because I realized that founders not only need access to the right information. They also need an experienced person who will work with them and help them as they workshop their ideas, test them out in the real world, and draw conclusions.

This workshop is normally delivered in two consecutive Fridays, with only about 30% of the time spent reviewing concepts, best practices and frameworks. The remaining 70% of the time is spent hands on, working on your questions including:

  1. Am I fit to be an entrepreneur?
  2. Am I ready to start a company?
  3. Have I found a problem worth solving?
  4. Is my idea worth pursuing?
  5. Should I found solo or with co-founders?
  6. Should I work with friends, colleagues or family?
  7. How do we divide responsibilities and reward the team?
  8. How do we split the equity amongst the founding team?
  9. What is the best way of structuring my venture?
  10. How can I validate and optimize my solution to this problem?
  11. How do I create a solid business model, operations and funding strategy?
  12. What are different sources of funding – and their pro’s and con’s
  13. How do I get access to mentors, volunteers and organizations that want to support me?

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