Startup development workshop

This workshop is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who are launching (or have launched) their startup and want to fine-tune their solution and business model. If you…

  • Believe your target market is not very clearly defined
  • Have multiple types of customers and don’t know which one to go after
  • Feel your customers are not excited about your solution
  • Don’t know how to grow faster your startup
  • Want to know what specific things you need to do to ‘properly launch’ your company
  • Are concerned about bringing on co-founders, especially friends or family
  • Are wondering about the right way to split the equity in your company
  • Want help building a clear financial growth plan you can show to investors
  • Are thinking of raising funds and want to put together a pitch

… then the Startup Development Workshop is for you!

The workshop is normally delivered over several consecutive weeks to allow time for you to work on the different aspects of your startup. My goal is to have you walk out of the workshop with a set of clear deliverables for your venture. This is why we only spend about 30% of the time reviewing concepts, best practices and frameworks. The remaining 70% of the time is spent hands-on, working on your questions including:

  1. Do I have the best solution for the problem I’m addressing?
  2. How do I quickly optimize my value proposition and fine-tune my strategy?
  3. What is my optimal demand and revenue generation model?
  4. How do I create a go-to-market model that works?
  5. What are the critical issues I should be aware of as I grow my team?
  6. What resources are available to help me develop my venture faster?
  7. What do I need to do to accelerate growth and have broader impact?
  8. What are the key metrics I need to focus on?
  9. How do I measure and balance both stakeholder and financial performance
  10. How can I get funding to scale? What do I need to be ready?

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